Adopt an almond tree


We rent out our almond trees in Fabara (Zaragoza), privately or to companies. We manage them on your behalf and you collect the trees’ produce, for subsequent processing or consumption.



You can rent an almond of a variety of your choice and you can enjoy its fruits as you prefer. We will look after it and you will be able to visit from time to time and can also receive pictures at any stage of production, flowering, growth and maturation of the almond tree.

You will be welcome to visit and help during its harvest, and spend a nice day in the countryside with us providing lunch and snacks. If you prefer, we will collect them and send them to your house.

We guarantee a minimum production of 10kg of almonds with their shells.

We will send a copy of the official document that certifies that the almonds are organic.

You can also rent several almond trees, including trees of a different variety: Largueta or Common (including the varieties with similar characteristics and flavour)