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    Adopts an olive tree


    We rent out our olive trees in Fabara (Zaragoza), privately or to companies. We manage them on your behalf and you collect the trees’ produce, as olive oil or the raw olives.



    You can rent an olive tree of your size of choice and we will give it your name. We will look after it, and you will be able to visit your tree at any time and can also receive pictures at any stage of production, flowering, growth and maturation of the olive tree.

    You will be welcome to visit and help during its harvest, and spend a nice day in the countryside with us providing lunch and snacks. If you prefer, we will collect them and send them to your house.

    We can also rent several olive trees and of different varieties: table olives (green or black), or for the making of the best olive oil, from Southern Aragon with Denomination of Origin.


    We guarantee a minimum production of 20kg of olives or 5 litres of olive oil.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like more information!