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    Oil from Bajo Aragón

    Production area

    Aragon includes 71 towns from different regions, from the provinces of Teruel and Zaragoza, in an area known as Bajo Aragon. This area, located between Teruel and Zaragoza has the biggest density of olive trees (around 70 per hectare) and it is the only one that has Denomination of Origin.



    The oil produced under the regulations is Olive Virgin and Extra Virgin. The type of olives mostly farmed is Empeltre, the variety typical of the area, and that must account for an 80% minimum of the oil, although other varieties such as Arbequina and Royal are also used.


    Oil characteristics

    The oil from Southern Aragon presents a Golden yellow colour characteristic of the Empeltre variety and it looks clear with no indication of cloudiness. It is very pleasant on the palate with flavours that recall the fragrance of the olive tree.

    It is ideal for salad dressings or to brush over toasted bread as it has little sour taste and it is not spicy. When used for cooking it offers balance in stews, roasts and stir fries. They are fruity during their first harvest with hints of almonds and later it becomes sweet. This reminds us of the artichoke, its emerging bitter taste very quickly becomes sweet.