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    The name comes from Arbeca, a town in the area of Lerida, where it is believed that it was farmed initially. It is the most important variety of Catalunya, although it is also found in Aragon and Andalucia. This variety roots very easily. Its growing rate is low which makes it ideal for intensive farming. Its production phase comes early and it has high and constant productivity. The strength of attachment to the tree when the fruit is ripe is medium, but the fruit’s small size makes mechanized collection difficult.

    Organoleptic characteristics

    The taste of this oil is sweet and fruity, with hints of apple and almond. It is ideal for salad dressings.

    Nutritional information



    122 Kcal/100gr.


    0 gr.


    0 gr.

    Saturated fatty acid

    12-15 %

    Monounsaturated fatty acid

    74-80 %

    Polyunsaturated fatty acid

    9-11 %


    0 gr.